Saudi Arabia kicks new industry competitiveness program to promote sustainable production practices

The latest initiative is aimed at companies to improve production costs

Saudi Arabia kicked off a new ‘competitiveness program to promote sustainable production practices in the country’s industrial sector, leading to a reduction in production costs.

The latest initiative, launched by the Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, provides immediate, developmental and enabling solutions, focusing on switching to optimal energy sources, raising the efficiency of energy consumption, and raising awareness to adopt the best possible practices and measures to enhance the competitiveness of establishments in the long term.

The ministry said the new program will contribute to achieving long-term goals such as sustained growth of the industrial domestic product baseline until the year 2035 AD, reducing carbon emissions, optimal use of energy sources and operational improvement of production inputs.

It is also aimed at creating investment opportunities in projects to improve energy efficiency and developing human capabilities and competencies in the industrial sector.

The ministry called on industrial establishments to make themselves abreast with the solutions provided by the program, and to benefit from them by applying through the “Industrial” platform.

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